Municipal Fire Department Services

Pump, Hose, Nozzle & Ladder Testing & Certifications

 Preformed through our Ridgecrest, California facility

 Serving Central and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington State

 Our crew will arrive on time, in a professional manner, and will test and certify equipment

 Call or email to consult with our Municipal Services Specialist

DCS Testing & Equipment, Inc. is a fully licensed full service fire protection contractor in the state of California. We have been providing NFPA compliance testing and inspection services for over 25 years and look forward to helping you simplify the burden of maintaining your fire protection equipment as well as the record keeping that goes with that. Below is a brief summary of DCS licenses & qualifications.

California State Contractors (C-16) License No.: 743931

Office of the State Fire Marshall E#2081

DCS Testing & Equipment, Inc. can also provide inspection and testing services in the City of Los Angeles where Reg 4 certification is required.

Chiefs Regulation 4 (Reg 4) License No.: R4112